How To Sell Sondercare - Homecare Hospital To A Skeptic

But she isn't sure what that change in leadership might mean for her and other seniors living in Canada.

"I don't see anything we need as seniors in any of the platforms. To be honest, I don't think I heard one of (the party leaders) talk about it," she said, Click for info sitting outside the front doors of her apartment building in Sydney.

"I'm tired of (Justin) Trudeau. We need a change. But I don't know. I'm hoping (Erin) O'Toole would be different if he gets in and won't be like (Stephen) Harper."

Dixon lives in a seniors' complex that offers subsidized housing and has a modest monthly income with her old age security and Canada pension.


"I don't get much in Canadian pension. And the cost of everything has gone up so much," said Dixon, who would like to see an increase to the old-age program.

"I get Folger's large containers of coffee, right? They are usually $6.97. I went to Sobeys the other day and they were $14. The cost has gone up so much you can't afford to eat."

Dixon also worries about health care for seniors, especially when it comes to home care and long-term care facility wait times.

"I know people in here who should be in the hospital. They should be in a long-term care facility but they're not. They've been on waiting lists for five, six years but they're still in here," said Dixon.

"And homecare has gone down too because they don't have anyone to work. People are missing visits from homecare because there's no one to work."

Anne Rogal is a senior living in Richmond County who has been helping Fair Vote Canada do outreach by handing information out in her community. Fair Vote is an organization pushing for proportional representation in government.

"I think that the system is broken. I have been handing out stuff for Fair Vote Canada in the hopes that people will ask candidates about electoral reform and get all parties on side with that issue," she said.

"But I might as well be invisible as far as candidates. Have not seen a one and if it weren’t for the odd bit of junk mail and a sign here and there, I would barely know that an election was on. I am unfortunately inclined to agree with everyone who is saying that this election was unnecessary."